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Lab Grown DIamonds Introduction to Grown Diamonds

At DM Gems, we believe that with the assistance of modern technology and consumer’s preference to have stress free ecological system has lead to a development of an innovative product -Grown Diamonds-Friends of Earth. Grown Diamonds have indistinguishable beauty, fire, brilliance with unique colors like Mined Diamonds. They like natural diamonds are True Diamonds as they have identical chemical, hardness, density, refractive index and dispersion properties.Both Mined and Grown diamonds have a cubic crystalline structure with measure 10 on the Hardness Scale. This shows that whether a diamond is grown in a lab or mined from the earth, from a scientific perspective, they are identical. Grown Diamonds are created through CVD process and are 100% True ,Conflict Free, Affordable, Ecofriendly Lab Grown Diamonds.Our gemstones are certified by renowned gem grading organisation like International Gemological Institute. We believe having correct information about different types of diamonds and diamond treatments with make the buyer confident for his purchases whether it's loose diamonds or jewellery.

SERVICES Distributorship CVD Diamond System

The Seki Diamond SDS 6K Microwave Plasma CVD Diamond System is a high-performance, high-reliability, high-repeatability reactor, one of the most advanced for gem, tool and polydiamond applications. The chamber features a clamshell lid for easy placement of substrates and easy cleaning, and it has an efficient all-copper water-cooled stage. The system’s stable plasma enables long process durations for thick diamond growth, and its friendly user interface and data-logging features make for easy operation. The 6K provides in-situ monitoring of temperature by IR pyrometer and allows the connection of additional metrology tools including an optical emission spectrometer and interferometer for plasma diagnostics and film thickness monitoring. This system may be used in recipe-driven automatic, semiautomatic or manual mode, and it also offers remote Internet capability. It is field proven for high-volume production operation.


We take pride in our unique craftsmanship which creates finest, flawless, sparkling ,magnificent diamond from a rough crystal. Since June 2014, we been into serving high quality work with the support of our skilled and result oriented team. One of our achievements have been Cushion Polishing of a biggest diamond weighing 5.19 carat from WD labs.

Software Development

We develop customized software applications for our clients that are interactive and user friendly. Our applications are easy to use and assist the clients in completing their administrative and business work trouble free and within short time span. Our applications are easy to use with clean user interface and well defined operational layout.

ABOUT US Our Story

DM Gems started up in 2003, and we been on a phenomenal journey from that moment.We started off by dealing in loose diamonds and now are pioneering in commercial production of Lab Grown Diamonds- Real Affordable Diamonds .

Our commitment for rendering admirable and exquisite gems with unprecedented customer experience to our clients started from Pune, India. With their encouragement and trust , we have presently, established our own Diamond Trading Centre, Mumbai, the business hub of India .

With the support of all, now we embark on a new venture"Grown Diamonds" - Friends of Earth,which trades in LabGrown Diamonds.

TIMELINE Our Journey

Started - DM Gems
October 2, 2003

DM Gems founded by Shashikant Shah in Pune,India

Loose Diamonds

Pune India -Loose Diamonds 2003

October 7, 2003

Dealership of Nakshra & Asmi Diamonds 2003-04

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds

Distributor of Gemesis Cultured Diamonds 2004-2007

craftsmanship for Lab Grown Diamonds

Providing craftsmanship for Lab Grown Diamonds

October 7, 2014

Polishing of the biggest Lab Grown Diamond of 5.19 carats

Journey Continues

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